Amphawa Floating Market

Samut Songkhram, with dense river network and developed agriculture, not only has the magical Maeklong Railway Market, but also the distinctive Amphawa Floating Market. Unlike the commercialization of Danneng Shaduo Floating Market, the little-known Amphawa Floating Market still preserves the pristine folk customs and integrity, exuding charming charm.

The Amphawa village of Samut Songkhram is about 90 kilometers from Bangkok, about 2 hours by car. Located on the banks of the Mae Klong River, this small village has a dense river network, giving birth to the local characteristic Amphawa Floating Market.

Since ancient times, Amphawa has been a prosperous market center in Samut Songkhram. People built houses along the banks of the river and then settled down. They used convenient water transportation to collect, sell and exchange agricultural products. Today, the atmosphere of the traditional market is still preserved here. The leisurely Grand Canal and classical canal transportation attract tourists who want to pursue the traditional Thai market to explore its charm. In addition to the traditional floating market, Amphawa has another reason to be fascinated: people can take a boat to Prachachon Chuen at night to watch fireflies.

At Amphawa Floating Market, you can not only take a long-tail boat to watch the local water transactions, or go to see the lives of people on the water, but also walk through the canals to different temples. There are as many as 44 temples in Amphawa, and you can travel through them on a cruise, as if you have come to the “Venice of the East”.

Wat Amphawan Chetiyaram near the central pedestrian bridge in Amphawa is an elegant and beautiful temple. It is said that this was the place where the family of Rama II once lived. The magnificent murals in the temple are very worth seeing.

If you want a more private accommodation in Amphawa Floating Market, you can consider Ploen Amphawa Resort, Chababaancham Resort or Baan Ku Pu. These accommodations on both sides of the canal have very attractive night and morning views, but the price will be relatively more expensive.

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