Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street is currently the most prosperous commercial street in Lhasa and one of the top ten historical and cultural streets in China. The place of worship with Jokhang Temple as its core is the axis of operation of Barkhor Street. Barkhor Street is an entire neighborhood with a strong Tibetan lifestyle. The streets are full of shops, and the religion and the market are mixed, and believers and tourists are mixed. It is messy but vibrant. Walking on the streets of Lhasa, you can feel the existence of a poet, not just the Buddha King. It should be a poetic street, there should be beautiful legendary love.

Barkhor Street is lined with shops. There are locals operating here, but most of them are outsiders. It sells a variety of products, including religious articles such as Buddhist scriptures, prayer wheels, butter lamps, prayer flags, rosary beads, tribute incense, pine and cypress branches, which are all sold in prominent positions. Local souvenirs in Tibet are for sale by the hawkers for foreigners. In addition, goods from India, Nepal, Myanmar, Kashmir and other places are also visible here.

Barkhor North Street is a special transit path around the Jokhang Temple. Thus, the style and living style of the ancient city are completely reproduced. It uses living materials to provide a valuable testimony for studying Tibetan culture and Chinese history.

The believers, travellers, and casual people converge into a clockwise flow of people, and they are full of passion. From time to time, when you see a believer with a long kowtow on the ground, his pious attitude will move you. Tibet is also a secular place. Barkhor Street is next to the monastery, but it is frankly filled with worldly happiness. It seems that there is no interruption every day, but still attracts many tourists coming here to experience the local life in Tibet.

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