Chiang Mai Nightlife: Popular Night Bars in Chiang Mai

To enjoy the nightlife fully in Chiang Mai, here is a list of the popular clubs or bars in Chiang Mai for you to take a visit.


This bar is located around the corner of the moat of the Chiang Mai Old City Main Street. The price/performance ratio here is also extremely high. The beer of the lowest price is 100 baht, which is used as entry ticket. On Friday and Saturday, there will be some very handsome guys Dj online, and the atmosphere is unprecedentedly lively. The indoor air conditioner is abnormally open, but it could not stop everyone’s live chat. In the bar, in the alleys of the doorway, even on the side of the road, your ears are full of discussion in various languages. Here, you can make friends, and if you like the fun, you will definitely be overwhelmed. The people who are visible at the door are even more than those inside. Of course, if you haven’t had a good time after 1:00 o’clock, you can come to the door with a bottle of 60-baht big Leo, chat with friends on the roadside late at night, and have a good time. But be sure to pay attention to mosquito prevention.

Las Vegas

Although Las Vegas is comparable to the lively atmosphere of the bar above, it is closed late! It is closed at 2:00 a.m. to make everyone go home! In this fast-paced leisurely Chiang Mai, it is just like the local people, to have enough time to be happy at night before resting! This is a bar with the clear theme that may be suitable for you.

The north gate jazz bar

For those who have a special liking for jazz, when they are seeing this bar, they will definitely shock and don’t want to move! Then simply walk in, or listen to it outside, as the soul music of this scene will not let you down. The inexpensive wine will make you value the moment you listen to music. It is also the biggest encouragement for musicians!

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