Fantawild Adventure

Tianjin Fantawild Adventure consists of themed projects such as flying over the limit, blue earth, conch bay, magic castle, crystal palace, blazing storm, Tanggula snow mountain, bear haunting adventure, bolide, big pendulum, space shuttle, Dubi adventure, etc. The unique Jinmen Grand Canyon and other projects set up for the Tianjin area also cover many of the most advanced super-large amusement projects in the world. You can enjoy the thrilling, excitement, warmth, popular science, and fun here.

Different from other traditional theme park concepts based on mechanical amusement facilities in China, Tianjin Fantawild Adventure is characterized by science fiction and interactive experience, and large-scale high-tech exhibition projects as the main form of expression; more than 20 large-scale theme project areas have been launched. The content includes science and technology animation, future fantasy, popular science education, myths and legends, and theme performances.

Tianjin Fantawild Adventure is a comprehensive playground which is integrating entertainment and high technology. It is mainly divided into indoor and outdoor venues, as well as various entertainment performances. The indoor project is mainly based on the theme, combined with giant screen, dome screen, electric seat, VR glasses, to create a high-tech experience project that makes people feel like they are in it and feel like being on the scene. The outdoor projects are mainly for excitement and entertainment. The Jinmen Grand Canyon and Tanggula Snow Mountain are highly recommended. The entertainment performances are dominated by big bears, and Logger Vick, and various animals, accompanied by cheerful and passionate music. There is also a light show at 20:40 in the evening. The venue is at Fangte Castle. The colorful lights, passionate music, and the performances of Xiong Da and Xiong Er make the entire light show lively, although it only lasts for more than 10 minutes, the atmosphere is lively and people enjoy it. After the light show, Fantawild Adventure’s one-day trip also comes to a successful end.

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