Impression Liu Sanjie

Impression Liu Sanjie embodies an incisively luxurious style, which is using China’s largest environmental art lighting project and unique smoke effect project to create a dreamlike visual effect. The show is staged in nature, and when you look around, the water of the Li River, the mountains of Guilin become the center of the stage to give people a wide field of vision and transcendent feeling. “Landscape Real Performance” is the joint creation of man and God.

In Impression Liu Sanjie, the emergence of mountain peaks, the reflection of water mirrors, the embellishment of smoke and rain, the moaning of bamboo forests, and the sprinkles of moonlight will enter the performance at any time and become a wonderful episode. The Lijiang River on a clear day is particularly charming with its breeze; but the Lijiang River with smoke and rain gives people another kind of beauty.

Impression Liu Sanjie is a show. It shows the landscapes of Guilin and the folk customs. It shows the realm of harmony between man and nature. The unique smoke effect project and its hidden sound show the five theme color series of “red, green, blue, gold, and silver”, which combines the innovative elements of Liu Sanjie’s folk songs, ethnic customs, Lijiang fishing fire, and mountains and rivers, which dissolve into the landscape without traces, return to nature, give people a strong visual and auditory impact, and achieve a poetic and dreamlike effect, and it is an amazing masterpiece.

The World Tourism Organization recommends that no matter if we come to Guilin from any corner of the world, no matter how expensive the transportation is, it is worth watching the Impression Liu Sanjie! It is believed that watching this unique scenery performance in the world will indeed make you feel shocked like never before. After watching it, you will feel unforgettable in your lifetime.

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