Impression of Lijiang

Yunnan is well-known both at home and abroad for its unique natural scenery. Lijiang is also longing for the vast number of tourists with its unique charm, simplicity and fashion. In Lijiang, there is such a performance. It takes the mountain as the background and the cloud as the stage. It has the highest altitude stage in the world. Hundreds of non-professional actors from more than 10 ethnic minorities use the most native actions, the most honest songs, and the most hardworking sweat, to dance with the heavens and the earth, and harmony with nature, perform the most shocking performance in the world every day.

This is Zhang Yimou’s Impression of Lijiang live performance. When the show starts, melodious music melody, exciting drumming sound, simple dance steps, and the original sounds of singing are against the backdrop of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, to show a feast that sweeps away the soul and gives people absolutely shocking feeling.

The impression of Lijiang since May 1, 2006, accumulated more than 5100 performances. Each performance of Impression of Lijiang has 6 parts, and each part of the story is intertwined. Each part is the epitome of the local people’s life, and each part is the crystallization of the local minority labor. The whole performance is based on folk culture and is performed by 500 ordinary peasants from 10 ethnic minorities and ordinary farmers from 16 rural villages. At the highest performance venue in the world at an altitude of 3100 meters, they use the most native movements, the most rustic songs, the hottest sweat, to let the reality and shock of life be so close to everyone. This is the impression drama staged together with nature in 365 days. It is a real cleansing baptism of the soul. And many tourists who travel to Lijiang won’t miss this performance so as to fully enjoy the entertainment in Yunnan.

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