Impressions of the West Lake

Impressions of the West Lake take the rich historical humanities and beautiful natural scenery of the West Lake as the source of creation, deeply dig into the ancient folk legends and myths of Hangzhou, and reproduce the representative elements of the human history of the West Lake. At the same time, with the help of high-tech methods to recreate the “west lake rain”, it reflects the natural charm of the West Lake and the rain in the West Lake from one side. The whole scene of real landscape performance, through dynamic interpretation and real scene reproduction, condenses the urban connotation of Hangzhou and the natural landscape into a high-level artistic feast and introduces it to the world. The world-class music master Mr. Kitaro was invited to be the music creator. His ethereal and distant movement complements the charm of West Lake.

Impressions of the West Lake is located in the Yue Lake Scenic Area of the West Lake. Every silent night, on the charming West Lake, the picturesque Jiangnan scenery and the wonderful legends that have passed down through the ages, will bloom in the night and memory. If the West Lake reveals her beautiful appearance during the day, then at night she will tell her moving story.

Impressions of the West Lake is not only a cultural continuation, but also a creative one. To a certain extent, Impressions of the West Lake has become a converter. Impressions of the West Lake performances can help visitors understand the connotation of a city and appreciate the essence of urban culture. If you are going to take a trip to West Lake, don’t forget to add the Impressions of the West Lake into your itinerary at night to relax yourself in the wonderful entertainment after visiting the charming scenery of the West Lake during the daytime.

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