Is It Safe to Travel in Laos?

Laos is not a developed country, there are also factors of insecurity, but it is only said that this situation occurs in some relatively remote places, and the scenic spots that are open for the public are very safe.

Every year, there are more people traveling to Laos, and to a certain extent, Laos also needs to rely on tourism to increase its own country’s income. If tourism in Laos is not safe, it will naturally reduce the value of tourism. This is something Laos does not want to see.

Although it is relatively safe to travel to Laos, you should still pay attention to your personal safety when traveling in Laos, keep your passport and other materials, and bring some medicines that you may use before traveling in Laos, so that you can also increase the safety factor for yours travel to Laos.

In Laos, you do not need to declare if you don’t have valuables when you enter the country. You can bring 200 cigarettes and one bottle of wine duty-free. In addition, the prohibited items when entering or leaving the country are the same as in other countries. The port on the old border is LaoBao. This way, tourists do not have to enter from Vientiane. In addition, visa procedures have less requirement, so there are no administrative difficulties in tourism throughout Laos. Laos expressly prohibits the removal of antiques and Buddha statues. If the customs find that those leaving the country are carrying these items, they will be confiscated immediately and ask you to explain.

It is safe to travel to Laos now. If you are not assured, you can find a local person to ask about the specific situation. Laos has a gentle and friendly nature, and Laos has a good law and order. The average daily consumption of backpackers in Laos can be controlled between USD 6-8; the average daily cost of those who like comfortable trip is between USD 25-70.

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