Kanasi Nature Reserve Scenic Area

Kanasi Nature Reserve Scenic Area is located in the deep mountains and dense forests of Burqin County in the Altay Region, about 800 kilometers from the capital Urumqi. It is one of the most famous and beautiful scenic spots in Xinjiang.

Some tourists will depart from Kanasi Lake and hike east to Hemu Village to play 1-2 days, which has become a paradise route for outdoor enthusiasts. Compared with the cultural landscapes of the other two villages, Kanasi Lake is fascinated by mysterious lake monsters, lake water with changing colors and dazzling natural scenery.

Tourists visiting Kanasi need to first arrive at the Jiadengyu ticket station about 30 kilometers south of the scenic spot, purchase tickets of scenic spot and shuttle buses to the scenic spot (both tickets are combined), and then take the shuttle bus to visit the scenic spot. The shuttle bus runs every 10 minutes in the scenic area, stopping at various attractions, and tourists can get on and off at any scenic spot.

In this beautiful and rich, mysterious lake, you can see the clear and tranquil lake water, which also changes color frequently according to the season and weather. The spruce, fir and Siberian larch virgin forests are mixed around the lake. The sun slopes are covered with dense grass, and the different plant communities are well-defined. Every autumn, there are thousands of trees: golden, red, dark green trees, which are very brilliant.

When playing in the scenic area, you can also climb to the fish observation platform at a relative height of 600 meters (a sightseeing car can be reached at the foot of the mountain, whose ticket needs to be purchased separately), where you can overlook the Kanasi Lake and the smoky mountains and distant clouds. You can also take a cruise, which takes about 2 hours.

Some tourists will stay around the Jiadengyu ticket station inside or outside the scenic area, and continue the tour the next day. There are also local Tuva villages in the scenic area, where there are wooden cabins of locals for tourists to stay.

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