Koh Samui Motherland Seafood Restaurant

Motherland Seafood features a great location on Chaweng Street, next to the very lively Thai Boxing Hall, where most visitors to Chaweng Beach will stop, thus bringing a large number of potential customers to the restaurant.

The service of the restaurant is also very intimate. The waiter can help the customer to recommend the restaurant’s signature dishes. It can also be combined with the private package according to the customer’s favorite. It will also take care of the amount of the serving, which can make the customer less waste. In order to provide customers with a better dining experience, the restaurant is also equipped with tools to eat hard-shelled seafood, such as delicate pliers for crab feet, to help customers easily to taste the delicious crab meat.

In fact, Motherland Seafood is not a star-rated restaurant, but Motherland Seafood not only wins in its control of certain aspects of humanity, but also its location and service, more importantly, its rich and delicious food, and reasonable prices.

The popular foods in Motherland Seafood are pineapple rice, curry crab, coconut milk soup, Thai spicy soup and cheese mushroom lobster. The flavor of pineapple rice is naturally great, and this is a food that many restaurants will recommend. But the pineapple rice at Motherland Seafood is very much in line with the taste of the guests. It is not only mixed with seafood, curry and other fresh vegetables. It also adds pickled peppers and makes a hot and sour taste, which is very attractive to tourists.

The curry crab in the restaurant is also highly recommended. The Motherland Seafood restaurant does not use the common curry on the market. Instead, it makes the restaurant’s unique curry sauce which is based on the tastes of many customers, making this ordinary dish no longer common.

Phone: +668 5357 0817

Address: Bo Put, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani

Opening hours: 11:00-23:00

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