Krabi Restaurants Recommendations

Krabi First Duck Noodle Shop: KLOBI

Duck and beef rice noodles and rice noodles are the main products of the KLOBI. Because the surrounding area is the Muslim area, KLOBI does not sell pork. A bowl of duck meat rice noodle costs less than 40 Baht, and the soup is delicious. Even if you are little girl, you have to have at least two bowls of noodles. Locals will know this store. There are few tourists in this restaurant, and normally the locals line up to eat the noddles there.

Best Thai Garden Restaurant in Krabi: ROY THAI

ROY Thai is located on the way to Ao Nang. With a big signage, it is a restaurant that every Krabi drivers knows about it. The restaurant specializes in seafood dishes from the practice of the south of the Thailand. The surroundings environment of the restaurant is excellent, with Thai garden architecture. And it is carefully decorated with the garden decorations. A large wooden boat in an artificial pond can be seen through the door. If you are tired of eating the food in the Ao Nang’s restaurants, this is a good choice for you to feel the seafood cuisine in southern Thailand.


The WINE V Western-style bar restaurant under the VOGUE Group must not be missed. The price of red wine is very affordable and there is a large open kitchen for you to showcase the craftsmanship of the masters. It will not open until after 17:00 pm. After 20:00 pm, there will be live singing. Eating food, drinking red wine, sitting in the room with Westerners, you will feel that as if you were in a restaurant in Europe. The price is not luxurious. Just change the taste and enjoy the good atmosphere there.

Khao Thong Terrace Restaurant

Google the name of the Khao Thong Terrace Restaurant and then you will find the location of the restaurant. It is on the way from the Krabi town to ao thalen. It takes about 15 minutes to drive from Krabi town. The restaurant is ideally located to enjoy the sunset and sunrise of the sea. Business hours of the Khao Thong Terrace Restaurant is during 11:00 am to 22:00 pm.

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