Kwangchow Floating Market

When it comes to the floating market, you will definitely think of the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market or Amphawa Floating Market around Bangkok, but you must have never heard of this one, where there are almost no foreign tourists here. It is very small. It is called kwangchow floating market. The kwangchow floating market is the only market in the world which is located above the waterfall. It is surrounded by lush forests. The market is located in the kwangchow waterfall scenic area in Phetchaburi Province, about 2 hours dirve from Bangkok. Phetchaburi is a small town with beautiful scenery in Thailand, where the natural scenery is beautiful and it is very suitable for leisure.

Before entering the market, you will pass through a bamboo arched tunnel. The green bamboo blocks the sun to form a natural barrier. The breeze is very cool. Compared with other floating markets, the atmosphere here is fuller of life. Items and food are sold on the raft. For foodies, enjoying the delicacies sold by the locals is the biggest temptation of the floating market, such as fried chicken, papaya salad, Pad Thai, and milk tea. You can sit on the shore and taste them slowly.

The most important thing is that the prices here are very cheap, all items for sale are made by the locals themselves, and the vendors are very cute. They will show you a smile. There is also the boat rental service here. If someone wants to take a boat to enjoy the scenery, they can rent a boat for only 30 baht, and enjoy the scenery while eating food. For those who love nature, they will definitely like this place. If you are tired from playing, you can sit on the shore and enjoy the natural fish spa.

Opening hours: 09:30-17:00 on weekends and legal holidays

Address: 199 Moo 4 Tambon Nongyaplong Amphoe Nongyaplong Phetchaburi

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