Nanluoguxiang is located in the city center of Beijing. It is an alley that combines petty bourgeois sentiment and old Beijing charm. It is also one of Beijing’s fashionable landmarks. There are a lot of special art shops here, as well as a large variety of snacks. Young people, especially those who love culture and arts, often regard this place as a must-visit place when they visit Beijing.

Nanluoguxiang’s famous shops include Wenyu Cheese Shop in the Nanluoguxiang No. 49, which is characterized by original cheese, double skin milk and sour plum soup, and there are long queues forever. Passerby Shop in the Nanluoguxiang No. 108 and Yemo Shop in the Nanluoguxiang No. 106 both have creative flavor pizzas. The mutton skewers pizzas in the Passerby shop, sucker Kung Pao chicken pizzas and Beijing roast duck pizzas in Yemo Shop are all worthy your taste.

Turning into the hutongs on both sides of the main street, you will feel that there are fewer tourists, and old houses tell the history of old Beijing. Nanluoguxiang is listed among 25 old city conservation areas, with a total length of 786 meters. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Beijing. It is the only chessboard-style traditional residential area in China that fully preserves the Yuan Dynasty Hutong courtyard structure with the largest scale, the highest grade, and the most abundant resources. Today, a variety of personality shops are opened here, and there are various exquisite and stylish private houses. The old Beijing Hutong alleys and petty bourgeoisie are combined to make it become Beijing’s fashion landmark.

Nanluoguxiang is still a very nice place. It belongs to the very old culture in Beijing. You can find pretty good things here.

Special Notes:

Nanluoguxiang is very lively. If you want to experience the old Beijing style quietly, you can find some Hutongs on both sides. Many celebrities’ former residences and historical buildings will definitely make you feel it worthwhile.

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