Pattaya WASHI International Buffet: Enjoy the High-end Seafood Buffet

Different from the traditional seafood buffet restaurant, WASHI is a high-end seafood buffet restaurant. The food is not done in advance, but is done on the spot. Guests don’t have to walk around, take food again and again, and don’t have to compete top ingredients with other people in the restaurant. After order the meal, wait for the waiter to bring the delicate food to the table, and eat and drink like a buffet, but without losing elegance. The high-level WASHI in all aspects of software and hardware really makes the seafood enthusiasts with high standards and strict requirements cannot help coming there to have a taste.

In WASHI, the meaning of eating is not only in the food itself, but also in the process of eating. The boss’s intention seems to go far beyond conquering our taste buds. Here you can not only taste the indescribable taste of food, but also feel the joy that the chefs cook carefully. You can get back the fare by picking up a few foods. The number of WASHI dishes is not as many as other buffets, but the quality is definitely 5 or 6 times higher than those restaurants at the same price. Every day, fresh seafood is transported from all over the world to Pattaya.

The food package in the WASHI International Buffet restaurant is divided into three price range: 299, 499, 799 baht, with an extra 10% service charge. For those people who like to eat seafood, it is highly recommended that you choose the 799-baht package because Sashimi-level oysters, platters, Tom Yum Goong, grilled shrimp, soft-shell crab, and beef are all at this price package.

The WASHI International Buffet restaurant is small and restricts the number of people served each day, as they are guaranteed to serve every guest well. The location of the WASHI International Buffet restaurant is at the third floor of the T21 terminal mall in Pattaya.

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