Phimeanakas is located in Angkor Thom, on the northwestern side of Bayon Temple, and it is a temple in the Angkor Palace, originally it was the Shiva Temple, which was later converted into a Shoya-style Hindu temple. It was the tallest building in the Angkor Thom at that time, and it is the only relatively complete building in the palace now. Standing on the top of it, you will feel the view is great and it will give people a feeling of being in the air.

Head north from Bayon Temple to the Terrace of the Elephants and walk a short distance west, you will see Phimeanakas. It consists of three layers of rectangular whiskers, and it is stacked in a high layer, and looks like a pyramid, and the four corners of each floor are decorated with statues of lions or elephants.

In the middle of the four sides of the Phimeanakas, there is a steep step connecting the top layer. To climb up, you may feel it a little tired and difficult. There is a wooden ladder on one side of the steps to facilitate visitors to climb.

To the top of the Phimeanakas, there is a gallery on the periphery. Although it is now incomplete and does not see any decorative patterns, it is the prototype of the Angkor Wat corridor. There is also a golden pagoda in the center of the top floor of the Phimeanakas, but it is no longer there. Legend has it that the Hydra is living in Phimeanakas, and in the evening it will become a woman. The king must sleep with her every night, otherwise the king and even the whole country will have a disaster.

In addition to the incomplete galleries and magical legends, at the top of Phimeanakas, you can look around the scenery. The magnificent scene of the palace in the past is also fascinating. There is also a smashed gatehouse and low walls near Phimeanakas, which are the remnant of the remains of the palace. No tickets are required to enter the scenic spot after 17:00, and you can visit for free.

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