Phnom Penh Central Market

Central Market is one of the busiest markets in Phnom Penh and is known as the “landmark of Phnom Penh” and the “Life Museum of Life in Phnom Penh”. The central market was designed and built by French architects, and the cross-shaped dome is magnificent and stretches radially around. The interior of the building has no beams and no columns, extending in all directions. It is built by the interaction between building materials, and the structure is very novel and unique.

There are a wide variety of products in the market, from crafts, daily necessities to fresh food. The Central Market is surrounded by seafood, vegetables, melons and other stalls. The interior is divided into small stalls by region. Visitors often visit crafts, jewellery, jade, tourist souvenirs, Buddha statues, second-hand or pirated books, postcards and other booths. People will come to buy clothing, small appliances, daily necessities, etc. Electronic calculators, computers, photographic equipment and office furniture can also be bought here. In addition, the Central Market is a paradise for people who enjoy eating food, and there is a snack area in the market where you can taste the local specialties while experiencing the Cambodian people’s life.

The Central Market in Phnom Penh was designed and built during the colonial period. The surrounding booths look similar to those in Vietnam. The chaos may make you not have the desire to go shopping there, but after entering into it, you will feel a lot of high-end moments. And it is like the big market in Europe. The vertical clock in the center is more eye-catching than the golden dome. There are all kinds of tourists from all over the world, and there are local people. You can stroll around and compare the prices, pick the items you like, and you may get a 30% discount on the price in the Phnom Penh Central Market.

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