Preah Khan

Preah Khan is located in the northeast of Angkor Thom. It was built in the 12th century. According to legend, it was built by Jyvrmn VII to commemorate his father. It is one of the largest temples in Angkor. It is said that when the Angkor Thom was built that year, it was the temporary residence of the king.

Preah Khan has a cross inside. The center is the central sanctuary. The four sides are connected by the vaulted promenade to the east, south, west and north gates. Outside the door, it is the ramp. To the east, it is the main entrance, and there is a depositarry of Buddhist texts, which is the only double-storey building in Angkor Wat. Its circular pillars are somewhat Mediterranean in style and are said to have been used to store the holy sword. Many tourists will enter from the West Gate and leave the temple from the East Gate, which will save more roads and save time.

Inside the door, it is the vaulted corridor leading to the central sanctuary. The sides of the promenade are supported by thick four stone pillars. It looks like countless stone gates. On the edge of the stone door, it is decorated with statues of gods. On the walls, there are many statues of dancing fairy statues. Although many gods have broken their heads and limbs, the reliefs are also incomplete, the skillful sculptural techniques and vivid characters are still worthy of careful appreciation.

The “Linka” stone carving can also be seen in the vaulted promenade, which is a major attraction of Preah Khan, but many of them have been stolen, leaving only the base. This stone carving with a square base and a raised column in the middle is a sacred object of ancient Khmer worship and reproduction, symbolizing the endless reproduction of life.

Continue to go inside until the Central Church, which has a spiral-shaped floating stone tower, and it is the most precious treasure in Preah Khan. Visitors are competing to take a group photo here.

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