River Tubing

Vang Vieng River Tubing is a popular rafting method in Vang Vieng. Tourists can rent a good tire at the agency Green Discovery, and then set off for the upstream of the Nam Song River to begin rafting. During the rafting, there are many bars by the river. If you want to go to rest, just beckon and the bar waiter will drag you ashore. Many bars have diving platforms for diving into the Nam Song River. The place marked “The End of Tubing” on the lower reaches of the river is the end of the rafting. You need to find a place ashore in the vicinity, and then carry the tire or assault boat back to the store. The River Tubing rental position is opposite RoungNakhone Palace. After getting together with a few people, a double car will take you to the upstream departure point. If you are the only one, you need wait, or ask for a car to send you to the departure point. People who are not good at swimming should pay more attention to safety.

In the dry season, the water in the river is gentle, and most places are shallow and the water quality is better! The scenery here is great, but be sure to protect yourself from the sun! It’s very enjoyable to have a rafting here when the weather is great! Many people did not expect that drifting here is drifting tires, and European and American tourists feel shocked! But it is really cost-effective to enjoy the rafting here! Playing here is still a very good experience!

River Tubing is Vang Vieng’s most unique fun project. Sitting down the tires, listening to music on the tires, and reading the newspaper are all very comfortable choices. This is a very exciting rafting activity. Rent a tire and you can immediately dive into the water. The water here is very clean. Lying on the tire and drifting is a kind of different feeling, which is really great.

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