Songhua River Sightseeing Ropeway

The Songhua River Sightseeing Ropeway starts from Tongjiang Square in the south, to the Sun Island Scenic Area in the north, and straddles the Songhua River. It is a well-known tourist transportation tool. The cableway is 1,156 meters in length, and the cableway support in the middle of the river is more than 70 meters away from the surface of the river. In the car, you can overlook the panoramic view of both banks of the Songhua River.

The Songhua River Sightseeing Ropeway is one of the key projects in Harbin that was built and constructed with a huge investment in 1997. It introduced equipment from the world’s senior ropeway equipment company Austria Doppelmayr and ranks among the high-end international ropeways today. The ropeway is adjacent to Stalin Park, Flood Control Memorial Tower, and Central Street, like a jade belt that closely connects the two banks of the Songhua River.

The ropeway is equipped with 19 fully-automatic and fully enclosed high-grade cabins for 8 people, 6 luxurious cabins, and built-in sofas, bar counters and audio in the cabins, which are comfortable, elegant, warm and romantic. The ropeway runs at a speed of 1-5 meters per second, and is quick and easy. You can enjoy the scenery of the Northland and the city while taking the ropeway. The scenery “where you are” is unlimited. So far, the ropeway has been in operation for more than ten years with a safety factor of 100%.

The Songhua River Ropeway closely connects Stalin Park, Central Avenue and the Sun Island. It is really nice to sit on it, and it feels good. This is a scenic spot worth visiting. Both sides of the cableway are castle-like buildings. Taking a selfie on the cableway is pretty good, and the river view is also very open. The ropeway is very long. If you go to Harbin in winter, the river becomes ice at that time. You can still see many people playing on the ice. The scenery during the sunset time is better. It is recommended to take the Songhua River sightseeing ropeway at night. You will feel the night view of the Songhua river is very beautiful.

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