TamCốc is located in Ninh Binh, Vietnam, only more than 100 kilometers away from its capital, Hanoi. It only takes 2 hours to get there from Hanoi to the south of Highway 1. It is an eroded limestone terrain like Ha Long Bay, but it does not depend on the sea. There is only a meandering creek winding through it, presenting a peaceful rural scene.

The surrounding countryside is dazzling, which is full of buffaloes, golden but still green rice fields, solemn limestone formations and many other beautiful things. Tourists can take small boats and drift in the small river lined with rice. There are many scenic spots in the surrounding area, it is worth spending a few days to wander around.

TamCốc is a well-known attraction that travelers will specially arrange to visit. The best way to travel to TamCốc is to slowly row a small boat with two people by the boatman, taking you through the winding river and carefully admiring the magnificent and vast scenery such as the limestone canyon terrain along the road and exploring three mysterious and dark caves, watching the lotus leaves on the clear river, which will have a poetic and romantic atmosphere.

Playing here is really shocked by the beauty of these mountains and waters. To visit this attraction, you need to take a bamboo raft boat to explore these mysterious caves. There are lights inside the caves, but don’t just take pictures. There are many caves here that are very low. Always remember to lower your head and even bend your waist, for fear that you might bump into it by accident. It is very interesting and thrilling.

TamCốc is a landscape with characteristics of the Vietnamese countryside. It is beautiful in summer and is in a green state. There are also many resources on the bay. You can see the local people living and working here in simple clothes.

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