Thailand Clothing Brand Recommendation for Summer: Landmee & Irada


Price: Average price 200 Baht

Bangkok Address: Siam Square

Landmee clothing’s style is simply the representative of the fantasy fairy style, and the design is very feminine, gentle and sweet, which is full of girlish youth. The new series this year is so amazing that people can’t help but buy. Various beautiful elements such as ruffles, bows, and tulle have attracted many girls. This season’s new products still have the brand’s iconic denim elements. The soft lace and tough denim is combined to show a different kind of sexy beauty. The printed series is also recommended, and there are many items that are good, and the stars like to wear this brand’s clothes.

In general, Landmee’s clothes are like fairy wardrobes far from the world. Putting on its clothes, you will feel that the attention you catch from the street is absolutely extremely high!


Price: Average price 200 Baht

Bangkok Address: Central Embassy

Irada is a lot more low-key when it is compared to many ladies-style brands in Thailand. If you don’t understand it, at first glance you might think it is a brand in Northern Europe. The main theme of the Irada brand is “make different designs, born for independent fashionable women”. Therefore, the design of this brand has a kind of unique fashion and personality of independent women. Irada is good at integrating popular elements into a crisp design. Even a simple shirt will convey attitude and give people a sense of shine. This year’s spring and summer series of this brand is even more inspired, defining the theme in the art gallery where history and culture collide and precipitate.

Every piece of clothing feels like a work of art. The fabric is cotton-linen, and the texture is comfortable, and the low-saturation color scheme also makes the look very comfortable. The design neutralizes everyday leisure and avant-garde personality, and the style is really great. The neat tailoring of its suit series undoubtedly reveals the fortitude of women. The dress is also very charming. The exquisite tailoring and simple color matching show the exquisiteness and elegance of women from the inside out to the fullest! Many items still have clever ideas in comfortable natural minimalism, which makes people love it so much.

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