The Art of Thai Temple Architecture

In Thailand, the world-famous Buddhist country which is known as the “Country of Thousand Buddhas”, orange temple roofs and splendid tower spires can be seen everywhere.

The beauty of harmony

Thai temples always give people a bright and clean feeling. Although the red tiles, green spaces, white walls, blue sky, white clouds, and golden doors and windows look magnificent, they can be integrated with nature to be natural and harmonious. The roof with clear lines and the bird-shaped pattern that rises into the clouds at the corners of the roof give people a sense of majesty and awe as a holy place.

The beauty of rhythm

The golden light of Thai temples shines, giving people the popular and magnificent feeling. The buildings are undulating and strewn. The beauty of the rhythm of Thai folk music, the beauty of magnificence, the beauty of refinement, the beauty of euphemism, the beauty of liveliness, and the beauty of circumspection are given to people in the middle. Full of eulogy to the gods and praise to life, it contains the personality of the Thai nation.

The use of color

The performance of architectural art is also inseparable from the application of colors and graphics, which are determined by the aesthetic habits of national life, the use of environments, and the differences in parts, and it explains the uniqueness of Thai temples. For example, red is a symbol of power and a manifestation of vigorous fighting spirit. It is associated with dignity, heroes and solemn religions. The outer walls of important halls such as Buddhist halls, pagoda halls, and guardian halls generally use red. And the colors of yellow-red monk clothes and black hats commonly used by Thai monks, it has not only become a symbol of Thai Buddhism, but also complements the overall color. The convergence of all colors is like a colorful symphony, unfolding in people’s sight.

Mural Art

The murals in Thai Buddhist architecture also have their own local characteristics in the use of colors, emphasize contrast, pay attention to colorful colors, and pursue the effect of magnificence. They often use gold or other neutral colors to unify the picture. This color is the combination of the traditional custom and color hobbies of the Thai nation.

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