Thepmongkon Garden in Saraburi Thailand: Admire the Beautiful Yellow Cosmos Flowers

The lush forest, the blooming flowers, and the lively scene of the earth are the features of summer. The rainy season is a season in which everything grows. The yellow cosmos flowers in Thepmongkon Garden in Saraburi Province are also the same. When the cosmos blooms in the whole garden, if you look them from a distance, you will feel that the gold of the whole world has piled up in front of you.

The chrysanthemum, which is native to Mexico and grows naturally at an altitude below 1600 meters, is also known as Yellow Cosmos Flowers. It is a kind of herbaceous plant in the genus Asteraceae. The flower language of this flower is wild beauty. So Yellow Cosmos Flowers show the wild passion. It is a the extremely rain-resistant flower, with orange-red and yellow petals. It likes dry environment, sunny weather, barren, and poor soil. It can be said that it is simply a “little wild cat” in the plant kingdom.

The Yellow Cosmos Flowers, which grow arbitrarily and disorderly, are thrown into the embrace of nature without any worries. Its vitality is extremely strong, as long as the seeds are sprinkled, it can thrive. Whenever the rainy season comes, the Thepmongkon Garden in Saraburi is full of yellow flowers, and they are inadvertently infected by their dazzling light. This garden is located in Nongkai County, Saraburi, not far from Bangkok.

People who like to take pictures come here, and don’t miss it, because here you can press the shutter as much as you like, and every photo you take is like the scenery in the painting. In addition, there is a red lotus pond, you can stroll on the central bridge, observe the red lotus in the pond, or relax on the bamboo raft, both will make you extremely comfortable. Wandering in the sea of flowers, the fresh chrysanthemum scent is on the face, you will feel that life is very beautiful!

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