Three Natural Bridges Wulong County

Three Natural Bridges Wulong County is a kind of typical karst landform, a rare geological spectacle tourist area, and also the filming location of the movies “Curse of the Golden Flower” and “Transformers 4.” Here you can feel the magic of nature, which is spectacular and shocking. The scenic area is located in Xiannvshan Town, Wulong County. Tourists generally arrive at the scenic area after purchasing tickets from the tourist center of Xiannv Town by environmentally friendly vehicles which are provided by the scenic area.

Three Natural Bridges Wulong County is composed of Three Natural Bridges: Tianlong Bridge, Qinglong Bridge, and Heilong Bridge. It is the largest natural bridge group in Asia. The three bridges span over the Yangshui River Canyon, and the span and distance of the stone bridge are more than 100 meters from the bottom of the canyon. The three stone bridges connect the mountains on both sides of the canyon to form a peculiar landscape of “three bridges and two pits”. The pits sandwiched between stone bridges are also called “Sky Hole”.

After entering the scenic area, tourists can take the sightseeing elevator to the bottom of the valley and the elevator fee is included in the ticket, and then walk along the quiet trail at the bottom of the pit. At this time, looking around, you will find that there are cliffs everywhere, and mountain springs fly down from above.

The tour route is a one-way route and there is no exit when you are going back. There are many hikes in the scenic area, and it is best to wear comfortable shoes. Tickets are cheaper in the off-season. If there is a holiday, it is better to avoid the crowds and enjoy the scenery here.

After playing, you can go to the exit of the scenic spot, there is an uphill road on the way, or you can take a battery car to the exit. At the exit of the scenic area, tourists can take an environmentally friendly car to return to the visitor center in the town, or take an environmentally friendly car here to continue to visit the Longshuixia seam nearby, but you need to buy a ticket to get there by bus.

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