Xidan is a commercial block in Xicheng District, Beijing, and it is named after the Xidan Archway commonly which is known in the Old Beijing City. Xidan is centered on Xidan Intersection, and there are many commercial facilities that are distributed along Xidan Cultural Square and Xidan North Street. Different from other commercial districts, Xidan’s business focuses on youth and fashion elements, attracting many fashionable young people to enjoy leisure and shopping here, and it has the reputation of “shopping paradise for young people”.

Nowadays, there are the most popular shopping places in Beijing on Xidan Street, including Xidan Joy City, Hanguang Department Store, Grand Pacific Department Store, Galeries Lafayette, etc. There are also a wide variety of gourmet restaurants in major shopping malls, making Xidan a popular place among young people.

Xidan is a very lively business district in Beijing with convenient transportation. There is Xidan Station on the subway, which can be reached directly. The street is about 1 kilometer long, and there are shopping malls on both sides. There are various snacks, restaurants, dessert shops, and many hotels. It is very comfortable to stroll around. This is a fashionable and youthful place that gathers the frontiers of Beijing’s fashion and is very convenient for shopping and enjoying food.

Xidan in Beijing is a commercial cluster, and it is also the first choice for traditional Beijingers to shop. Originally, Wangfujing is basically a shopping area for foreign tourists, and Xidan is a dining and entertainment consumption area for Beijing locals. At present, Xidan is indeed centered on food. There are complete and huge food areas in several major shopping malls, such as Xidan Joy City, Xidan Shopping Mall, etc., which are rich in dining and shopping. When you are taking a tour to Beijing, don’t forget take a walk in Xidan street if you want to experience more about the local Beijing.

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