Xishuangbanna Mengle Cultural Tourism Area

Xishuangbanna Mengle Cultural Tourism Area is located in Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. It was restored and reconstructed on the original site of the ancient Dai dynasty’s royal temple “Jingpiao Buddhist Temple”. There are more than 3,000 steps. Tourists with good physical strength can climb to the summit on foot, of course. You can choose to take a sightseeing bus.

The Mengle Great Buddha Temple was built on the mountain, and it has been dominated by temple buildings and Buddha statues in Southeast Asian countries. From the top of the mountain, you can overlook the beautiful city of Jinghong City, and you can also conduct Buddhist activities in the temple and experience the Buddhist culture. There will be a Songkran performance at the foot of the mountain, which has local characteristics and is worth seeing.

“Jingpiao Buddhist Temple” was built by a Dai king who is named Palong in Dai history to commemorate the deceased princess Nansha Weibian. The princess believed in Buddhism all her life, so the king of Dai would visit the temple in person on festivals and hold large-scale pujas to commemorate the beloved concubine and promote the Dharma. According to historical records: “Jingpiao Buddhist Temple” was built in the Ming Dynasty. It is one of the landmark buildings that symbolize the Twelfth Banna in Southern Buddhism and an important place for Banna Buddhist activities.

Xishuangbanna Mengle Cultural Tourism Area is a very spectacular tourist attraction. There is the Dajin Temple on the top of the mountain. There is a 49-meter-high giant Buddha in the middle of the mountain. For sightseeing advice, you can go up the mountain by tram, then walking down the mountain is not tired, and it is very worth going to the scenic spot!

Xishuangbanna Mengle Cultural Tourism Area is also one of the classic attractions of Xishuangbanna, a sacred place of Buddhist culture with tropical rainforest style. It features the Southern Buddhism, which is somewhat similar to Thai temples, as the main color of the temple is yellow and red. Don’t miss it when you visit the Xishuangbanna.

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